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Are you an event company or a company committee member organising a show that requires heavy and highly interactive audience participation? If you are, we would like to get in touch with you. Contact us today!

  • No Awkward Silences
  • Charles can get your whole audience roaring with laughter
  • Huge Spike in audience’s attention
  • Charles believes that the best way to get the audience to enjoy themselves is to involve them, make them laugh, and make them feel accomplished!

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    Charles Stitch Wong’s Beatbox Performance promises to engage your audience’s interest from start to finish. While most beatbox shows do not involve the audience, Charles goes all out to capture the audience’s attention. Watch as your entire performance venue beatboxes (and has a good laugh in the process), and he even gets individuals up on stage to beatbox! This ends in a grand finale where the individuals battle it out and gets the whole crowd screaming and cheering for points. Charles has also performed for Ted talks before, singing, playing the guitar, and beatboxing for TedX in Singapore.

    In the participation, the audience will learn and master how to beatbox, resulting in cheers and laughs from the crowd. Expect interactivity as he builds rapport with your crowd, and with confident delivery, engages the full focus of the crowd to listen and participate in this art form.

    Charles delivers his show time with charisma and humour. Contact Charles Today!

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    Top in Singapore Award (150x150)