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Beatbox School Assembly Show Singapore

Charles Stitch Wong offers a show like no other for your pupils:

  • Beatbox Assembly Show by Singapore Idol Finalist, and Judge of Asia Beatbox Championships, Charles Stitch Wong
  • Introduction to pupils that passion for music can be chased without purchasing a musical instruments
  • Values and Life Skills taught about perseverance, and using non-violence to solve conflict
  • An audio demonstration that will blow your student’s mind away
  • Audience Participation – Students actually get to try beatboxing on stage!
  • Show Duration is tailored specially to the available length of your assembly – from as long as 30 minutes to as short as 2 minute.

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    Not sure what beatboxing is? Want to see if Charles will be able to teach your pupils for your AMIS Beatboxing Course or your other school enrichment courses? Hire Charles today to come down to your school to give a demonstration of beatboxing that will impress your colleagues and students alike.

    Students who have heard about this popular and upcoming Hip Hop artform will be enthralled to see a beatboxer live right in their very assembly hall. Prepare to hear vocal magic as Charles replicate sounds of actual drums, trumpets, er hu, tabla, turntables, and many more.

    Charles gets students up on stage and plays games with them, all in the fun of audience participation. students realise that they are able to beatbox, and it is not as difficult as it appears!

    His Beatbox Showcase can be customised to your available length of time of your assembly, between 2 minutes and 30 minutes.

    The objective is to show every pupil that if they use their mouth and put their brains to work, an entire soundbank of sounds can be executed at their disposal.

    Like a laser beam cutting through far and wide, Charles ensures that his show cuts through every audience on an emotional level and everyone will leave the assembly hall inspired. Contact Charles Today!

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    Top in Singapore Award (150x150)