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Hip Hop Performance

Are you looking for a Hip Hop Themed Performance? That performance might be to suit the theme for the Dinner and Dance or Event that you are organising. For that, Charles Stitch FM Wong has the perfect Beatbox show for you!

Beatbox Hip Hop Performance Charles Stitch FM Wong

Beatbox – The 5th Element of Hip Hop

Beatboxing is especially good for Hiphop themed events. Charles Stitch Wong brings an enjoyable Hip Hop Performance to your event by showing your audience the unique world of beatboxing. His show is peppered with games and interactions! Charles ensures that the beatboxing isn’t a monotonous 20 minutes of non stop beats. Instead, it has a high level of relatability due to the song choices.

As beatboxing is a subset of Hip Hop, lets think about how cool Hip Hop Culture is.

Now, combine that coolness, with keeping the crowd entertained, that comes from more than a decade of crowd interaction.

That is what Charles “Stitch FM” Wong’s beatboxing show brings to the table.


Charles “Stitch FM” Wong is open to collaborating with your other Hip Hop performers. For a Rap + Beatbox Collaboration, he has paired with Shigga Shay, a homegrown artiste, on National Day, Samuel Simpson for a Singtel collaborative, The Singaporean Rapper and Gentle Bones for the song Pieces, and many more. Charles has also done a collaboration in the form of Hip Hop / BBoying with his Beatboxing. For a reasonable customisation fee, the sky is the limit!

A Relatable Hip Hop Show

Hip Hop Beatbox Performance Charles Black Jacket Singapore

If you would like to bring hiphop to the masses without it being too heavy or unrelatable, Charles’ Beatbox show is the way to go. Hip Hop has been around since the 1970s, and has gradually evolved to the different preferences of the audience. Charles does songs that the audience likes. He leaves his personal preferences for music out of the picture, because your audience preferences comes first! Contact Charles today for a showreel and his rates.

Top in Singapore Award (150x150)