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Hire Voice Over Actor for Commercial Singapore

Eversoft – Free From Parabens

Stitch FM (Charles Stitch Wong) does Voice Overs, and is available for hire for videos, commercials, advertisements, and media releases! Do feel free to contact him at the contact form below.

He has also appeared in other videos, doing beatboxing, guitar, acting, singing, and dancing.

Shallow – Lady Gaga (Cover By Anchorblanc)

Pokka Teazzle – Unleash Your Zany Side

Eversoft – Free From Parabens

Tiger Beer – #SayItWithTiger

Services Stitch FM offers for Advertisements –

  • Singing
  • Beatboxing
  • Voice Overs
  • Guitar
  • Acting
  • Dancing (Basic Toprock)
  • Social Media Releases

Looking for a performer for your commercials? Stitch FM is able to offer his voice over services, and more!

Stitch FM has also appeared in advertisements and media releases for Pokka (Teazzle), Eversoft, Tiger Beer (#sayitwithtiger), and MTVs like Shallow -Lady Gaga, Cover by Anchorblanc. Staying versatile and unique, Stitch blends all his different talents together to give your clients the mood and feel of what they are looking for.

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    Do let us know a little more about the advertisement requirements, and we will get back to you within 3 working days!

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    Top in Singapore Award (150x150)