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Impress Your Guests. Good Music. Affordable Price.

  • Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
  • Affordable Wedding Singer Rates
  • Option to rent sound system available
  • Select your favourite songs to be sung, or leave the selection to us for a hassle free experience
  • Customisable – 1 set, 2 sets, or 3 sets of singing (each set is 45 minutes)
  • We have done wedding singing on notice as short as one week
  • Plays for Wedding Reception (Also called Pre-Wedding), Wedding Evenings, Wedding Parties, Wedding Lunches, and Wedding Dinners

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    Want to hire a wedding singer? look no further. If you need an acoustic guitar singer / player for your wedding ceremony, we provide an experienced singer that you will enjoy. There is no need to pay the price of a full acoustic band for wedding when it is more affordable, classier, and easier to liase with just 1 performer.

    Charles Stitch Wong is the wedding performer who provides quality wedding entertainment for your wedding evening, wedding reception, or wedding party. He has been hired as a singer for weddings on as short as one week’s notice, and can be booked conveniently through the contact form that you see above. Charles brings you the best in Music Entertainment, and is among the most unique in wedding performers in Singapore today.

    Don’t blow your budget on an expensive band when one man can do the whole job for you. Save your costs, without compromising on quality, as Charles performs an engaging live wedding set. Hire Charles as a wedding singer.
    Charles is a male wedding singer with a soothing baritone / tenor range. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, his solo act will be pleasing to the audience without being too sharp or jarring. Listen to smooth covers of love songs while your audience is still free to converse and mingle with each other – some bands that have too sharp or jarring music does not allow that.

    If you are looking for powerful wedding entertainment ideas, Charles also provides an impactful beatboxing option that we promise to blow your audiences away. To really impress your audience who want quality and unique entertainment at weddings, Charles is your one stop shop who will provide singing, guitar, and even an option for beatboxing. An option for renting our sound system is also available! Contact us for a complete quote on wedding entertainment cost.

    Wedding Entertainment Ideas

    Perhaps you are looking for evening wedding reception entertainment ideas, or fun ideas for wedding reception entertainment. If you need wedding party ideas entertainment, we have a few entertainment options that y0u may want to consider, and we promise to offer our utmost in wedding guest entertainment. (Kindly indicate that while you are liasing with us).

    It doesn’t matter whether you want to play it safe, or you want to be adventurous and look for unique wedding entertainment ideas.

    Do note that performers are flexible, and if you are looking for entertainment for wedding reception (rather than the stage act), its definitely possible too.

    For the best wedding entertainment ideas, do read on for Wedding Entertainment Acts.

    Singing and Guitar Performer

    This is almost a staple requirement for all weddings. Hire a singer with a charming voice who will be able to sing the songs that you request him to, if you need acoustic music for your wedding ceremony. A tip is to communicate with your singer on your preferred songs, beforehand through email, so that the actual day can be hassle free, with all your favorite songs playing in the background. A good idea would be to have popular wedding songs playing, and if you need help in song list selection, do let us know. If you need a creative wedding reception entertainment ideas, why not have singer . guitarist perform at your reception itself,  while every body is mingling , enjoying their drinks and getting ready to enter?

    For a couple looking for small wedding entertainment ideas, nothing could be cosier than a singer guitarist plucking a touching tune on the guitar and pairing it with a soothing voice that will touch the heart of your audience, right at that special moment of the eventful march in, or singing could enter right at the moment of a lifetime where the solemnizer says “You may now kiss the bride”. For wedding singing, the possibilities are endless and open to discussion.

    Beatboxing Wedding Performance

    Usually, couples looking for cool wedding dinner entertainment ideas will select this, as this is quite an interesting idea for your wedding day. Now, this is a really unique option for you to to consider, and this promises so much fun to the audience. I’m sure you’ve been to countless weddings where the bride and the groom hires a performer /a performing group, and no matter how good they are, are unable to engage the audience because the audience prefers to have a chat. But throwing in beatboxing into your wedding, is guaranteed, to catch back everybody’s attention. This is quite an affordable and fun idea to implement. It is highly interactive and very enjoyable for your valued guests. This is usually the part of the wedding where people will start whipping out their phones to take a video. I can personally vouch that you and your guests will enjoy it. For a light hearted opening, beatboxing is also a creative wedding reception entertainment. Choose this if you want your wedding party entertainment to really stand out.

    Make Charles a part of your dream wedding. He plays popular music, at affordable rates.For the best in wedding acts, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

    Wedding Entertainment Cost

    For quick, hassle free rates sent to you within 2 working days, contact us today.

    We are transparent about our wedding singer cost, and will charge you the average cost of a wedding singer. If you compare it to a full band, it is even more cost effective.

    Wedding planning could be a huge headache. Months leading up to the wedding could be endless sourcing for a wedding price list while trying to keep within your wedding budget. Many factors come into play when thinking of wedding costs – wedding venue prices, wedding photo cost average, how much do flower bouquet costs, and the cost of a wedding sound system, all comes into mind. Planning all these wedding expenses can be quite a headache and a hassle, and the last thing you want is to have a performer that blows your wedding band budget. Charles Stitch Wong prices competitively, charging a price that is fair, competitive and reasonable with the wedding band cost average in Singapore. Why pay for the price of a full band when you will be able to pay the price for 1 performer who will be able to play all your favorite songs? Our Wedding Singer rates promise to be competitive. As icing on the cake, a well dressed solo performer does add a strong touch of class to your event. So how much does a wedding singer cost? Contact us to find out the rates of a wedding singer in Singapore.

    Music for Wedding Reception

    When choosing the best music for wedding reception, a couple or a planner is often faced with 3 main options – 1) to play music from a player, 2) hire a dj for your wedding reception music, 3) or to hire a live performer for your event.

    Here’s what you need to do for each option –

    1) Play Music from a player

    For this option, you will need to have a wedding music playlist for reception. Do estimate how long you plan for the reception to be, and prepare a music list for your wedding reception. A Good estimate is, 5 minutes per song. and plan for a 15 minutes contigency, in case the reception lasts a little longer than expected. If you need to save time, we can help you to compile a playlist for you for good music for your wedding reception, so do let us know. If you have any unique and interesting preferences “rock music for wedding reception, for example”, do discuss it with us and we’ll let you know if its feasible.

    2) Hire a Performer

    If you want a performer to play good music at your wedding reception, it adds a refreshing touch of class to your reception. Charles is a Singer guitarist who is able to sing and play for your guests at the reception! If you need something unique, like dance music for your wedding reception, Consider hiring Charles as a beatboxer to drop some beats!

    3) Hire a Band for Wedding Reception

    If you would like more than just Charles for your Wedding Reception. Contact us to enquire about our acapella group (if you are looking for singers for weddings) and / or our acoustic band! Wedding Music Bands will add a touch of class and prestige to your event, and we will supply you quality wedding musicians.

    Entertainment for Weddings – Hire a Unique Act

    While a traditional ceremony has its merits, this will be one of the most special days of your lifetime, so why not consider some fun entertainment ideas for weddings? Charles provides live entertainment for weddings that not only includes singing and guitar, but also has an option for beatboxing. this is possibly one of the best and unusual entertainment for weddings as it really catches the audience’s attention, and you may see their kind testimonials above in the short video.

    Other cool entertainment ideas for weddings would include hiring a table to table magician, and Charles Stitch Wong will bring down a magician who will impress your crowd if it is necessary. Whether its a singer, beatboxer, or magician, we will bring you the best entertainment at weddings.

    Nowadays while entertainment bands for weddings is popular, there is no need to pay for the price of a full band when a soloist not only adds a touch of class and prestige to your event, but is also cheaper than a full band. We provide one of the best acts in music entertainment for weddings when it comes to beatboxing. Even the kids of the guests were entertained too, as seen in the video!

    Wedding Performers

    There any many wedding performer ideas that you may want to consider that are unique. For example, table to table magic, dancers , a solo singer, or a full band. Part time singers in Singapore are everywhere, so its important to look out for a few things when you are sourcing for wedding live entertainment. Here are some things that you can look out for.

    • Always request to meet the wedding performer in person before agreeing, either to sing a few tunes, or to do a quick preview. If you or the wedding performer is not free for that arrangement, an alternative would be to request for a video of the performer performing his craft.
    • It is useful to note the difference between a main wedding performance act and a side wedding performance act.
      • A main act needs to be short and impactful and at centrestage.
        • Example of main wedding performance acts:
          • A Solo opening song during the march in
          • A Band or an acapella group going up on stage to perform a song
          • A spectacular stage magic act that is short or impactful (like mentalism)
      • A side wedding performance act needs to be long and unintrusive, and either at side stage or downstage.
        • Example of side wedding performance acts:
          • a Solo Singer or a band playing 2 sets of 45 minutes to entertain the crowd with light background music. We have wedding singers for hire if you would like to considers singers other than Charles, so feel free to contact us!
          • a Table hopping magician who will charm your crowd, table by table, with captivating acts.

    Wedding Live Band Singapore

    If you are looking for band entertainment instead of a solo singer, we will be happy to supply you the services of either 1) an Acapella Group or 2) A full acoustic band. It can be a band for wedding reception too. Do contact us separately at and we will be happy to answer your queries. Some of the frequently asked questions are “what is the cost / price of live band for wedding”, or whether we have a video of our performances, and we’ll be happy to supply you with that information.

    Should you hire a live band or a DJ for your wedding?

    While it is up to you, I can generally say that a DJ is nice for background music, but if you want the act to really stand out, it is better to hire a band!


    Pre Wedding Music

    If you are hiring someone to perform an impactful pre ceremony wedding music set, Charles will be able to provide vocals, or a guitar instrumental, or both. Rather than curating a playlist, and playing it on the speakers, it is much nicer to have a performing artist to grace your event with guitar or vocals.


    Wedding Entrance Music

    The wedding entrance is the crucial part where the song choice or artist chose will make or break the mood. The music for wedding entrance usually needs to be a touching song, carried by smooth or soothing vocals that will put your crowd in a romantic and touched mood. Some Wedding Entrance music ideas would be songs like – Just the way you are – Bruno Mars, Collide – Howie Day, and many more.

    Wedding entrance music for the bride needs to be chosen carefully, and having the gentle plucking/ strumming of a guitar, accompanied with singing, is the perfect way to let the bride enter.

    If you are feeling less classical or traditional, why not try a unique wedding entrance music idea – Beatboxing! beatboxing really stands out from the rest. If you are the kind of couple that will not settle for anything less than memorable, and you are planning to dance in, or even backflip in while everyone whips out their phones to do a live facebook feed, then beatboxing might be the perfect accompaniment to your grand entrance.



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