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How to Beatbox in Singapore

To learn how to beatbox, mastering of the Bass drum, hi hat, snares, scratches, and other sound effects are crucial. Stop wandering in the dark on youtube – Contact Charles today.


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Learn How To:

  • Produce the Basic Sounds: B, t, Keh
  • Master how to put these sounds into various beats
  • Learn cool sound effects like turntables, and even how to beat and rap at the same time
  • Use your Patterns and sound effects in your own performance!
  • Execute your SFX and drum beats in a battle!
  • Use these new musical tools for your own recordings

Whether you are an MOE school looking for enriching classes for your students, or a private beatbox student looking to take your skills to the next level, Charles Stitch Wong would like to get in touch with you to find out more.

If you are a complete beginner who would like to master the art form of beatboxing, we have beatboxing classes in Singapore that will teach you how to beatbox.

Charles offers a Beatboxing Course both for the hobbyist and the serious enthusiast.

Learn how to produce mind-blowing rhythms, without investing in any instruments

Produce impressive sounds that a DJ makes, without shelling out cash on an expensive turntable.

And best of all, create your own beats using a fool proof method that will allow you to expand your horizons and produce stunning creations of music… accurately.

Learn the Art of Beatboxing in Singapore.

Asia Beatbox Championships Judge Charles Stitch Wong simplifies the complexity of beatbox into something that is easy to pick up.

Feel free to enter the beatboxing class from Ground Zero – Charles Stitch Wong will train you from scratch! You’ll learn how exactly to move your lip muscles, and how to position and maneuver your tongue to produce all the cool sounds.

Contact Charles today for a lesson specially customized to your current level of beatboxing, or if you are complete beginner wanting to learn more.

Beginners Beatbox Class

Intermediate Beatbox Class

AMIS Instructor Beatbox Class (Only applicable to MOE Primary Schools)

Beatbox Classes (Non Primary Schools)


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