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Michael Jackson Performer Singapore

If you are an Event Organiser looking for a performer who can showcase of Michael Jackson songs in their act, Charles Stitch Wong would like to get in touch with you. He is able to produce Michael Jackson Songs using only his mouth! This unique art form is called beatboxing.

  • Powerful act that catches your audience’s attention
  • Michael Jackson Songs that Old and Young will both recognise
  • Crowd will be amazed when all 4 sounds are combined at the same time
  • Your Clients will be impressed at these songs are produced with the mouth!

Songs Included

  • Smooth Criminal
  • Billie Jean

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    Charles Stitch Wong gets your audience cheering by adding in Michael Jackson songs near the grand finale of act. He will combine 4 different types of sounds together to form songs from the legendary king of pop. Prepare to hear everything – the bass line, the rhythm, the melody, and the click rolls, all from the mouth!

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    Does Michael Jackson Beatbox?

    Some may not know that Michael Jackson was also an amazing beat boxer. He would produce the rhythms in his head, and then create sounds of the entire band using only mouth, after which, he would tape record the idea down. Not only was he talented in singing and dancing, he was also an superb vocal percussionist who was hard to beat in in terms of musicality. He also performed vocal percussion live at the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1993.

    How He Wrote Songs

    Michael Jackson wrote songs by thinking carefully of the song in his brain before proceeding to create the melody, harmony, bass line, and drums using his mouth, and then tape recording all his samples down.

    Top in Singapore Award (150x150)