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Ukulele in Schools Singapore

If you are an MOE Music Teacher or a Teacher in charge looking for engaging Ukulele Lessons for your students, Charles would like to get in touch with you. Click Here to contact Charles!

Charles Stitch Wong Offers Ukulele Classes for your Primary School Music Lessons.

  • MOE Registered Instructor
  • AMIS Certified Instructor
  • Zero Musical Experience / Theory Required – Students can learn from Scratch
  • Fret Numbers, String Numbers taught from the start
  • Very easy instrument to pick up – Good Self Esteem Boost for students
  • Students will be able to play a song at the end of the course
  • Fun and Engaging instructor

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    Ukulele, an instrument with 4 strings, is a very easy instrument for students to pick up. If this is their first stringed instrument, Ukulele is a good option to pick over guitar as it is much easier – some chords only require 1 finger! (Guitar is fine if 1) the pupils have played the ukulele before or 2) if they are P5 or P6).

    Charles believes in AVK learning, and engages the students fully with Audio,Visual, and Kinestethic cues – He uses rhythm to catch back the students attention, he writes and draws a lot on the board (chord diagrams and notes) and he makes students perform actions (like raising hands and pointing) to drive home important points.

    After covering the history and the parts of the ukulele (head, neck, tuning pegs, sound hole, body), Charles gives the class lots of hands on practice with exercises that trains the upstrokes and the downstrokes while improving the flexibility of the left hand. He also makes sure that the students are able to change the chords in time with fun and challenging games.

    Charles has taught more than 14000 students, and he believes that every child has a potential for greatness given the right opportunities and the right driving forces. Performing music can be a great way to teach teamwork and discipline to your class on a very deep level, and pupils feel a great sense of achievement after accomplishing a song that, at first, seemed impossible.

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